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I look up to Rizal not as a hero but more as a literary figure. Don't get me wrong, I do believe he is a national hero but he DID become a hero through his works, which were mostly all in writing. His poems and short stories, his dedications to people and his country men, all of this contributed to the way I look at Rizal now.

I've learned a considerable amount about Rizal, although I must admit that many of it is about his love life and his "pagkababaero" ways. I think that, as I learn more about him, I start to see him more as a human being who went through everything any other human being might go through and not some national god who cannot be understood.

Jiro Bengzon


Rizal has given me a whole new perspective. At first, when you think about Rizal, you would probably think that Rizal was a godly person, someone imperfect, someone untouchable. Come to think of it, he really is an untouchable in terms of his courage, bravery and his overflowing sense of patriotism. It gave me a sense of responsibilty. A responsibility that i do have put into action. If at certain point i choose not to carry out this responsibility of mine, then the efforts of Rizal and other heroes would be put to naught.

I've been very fascinated by the truth that has been revealed to me: Rizal was also a human being. With that in mind, I guess the only thing that stands in my way between heroism and patriotism is my own self. It is up to me grasp the thing that was fought for by our heros, with Rizal as the closest model to it.

M.R. Villar


I’ve learned a lot about Jose Rizal’s life, his works, and his writings. This subject gave me a sense of national pride and a sense of awareness on how one can be a hero on his/her simple ways through analyzing Rizal’s real human image and relating the essence of his contributions to my present situations and experiences. I’ve learned about his sufferings and how he struggled in life. He became my inspiration on how to become a better person, how to help others and how to believe in myself in what I can achieve in life. When I think about Rizal’s colorful life I said to myself that if he can do a lot and serve the country then I can too. You don’t have to be perfect to be able to accomplish a lot, we can make mistakes but we should learn from it. Jose Rizal made me proud to be a Filipino.

Yna Santos


At first I never cared about Rizal, all I knew was he was our Philippine national hero and died at Luneta park (formerly known as Bagumbayan), my grandparents even told me before that my hair was somewhat like Rizal’s. But now after learning his biography through this course, I realized something that we can be a hero someday. In our own little ways maybe, we can help our motherland to flourish and become a progressive country. We may lack the intellect, the talents and knowledge like what Rizal had, but Rizal proved to us that through education, passion of one’s work and sheer determination, we shall obtain triumph.

Jerome Canlas